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<p>The address specifies a protocol (e.g. <q>wxyz://</q>) the browser does not recognize, so the browser cannot properly connect to the site.</p><ul><li>Are you trying to access multimedia or other non-text services? Check the site for extra requirements.</li><li>Some protocols may require third-party software or plugins before the browser can recognize them.</li></ul>
<p>Address poko yor cik me coc (e.g. <q>wxyz://</q>) layeny pe ongeno, layeny dong pe romo kube maber ki kakube.</p><ul><li>I tye katemo donyo i cal mamol onyo tic-mogo me coc? Rot kakube pi jami mamite mapol.</li><li>Cik mogo me coc mito purugram me pati me adek onyo rwako iyie mapwod layeny twero ngeno gi.</li></ul>
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