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{ -brand-full-name } uses web-based information services (“Services”) to provide some of the features provided for your use with this binary version of { -brand-short-name } under the terms described below. If you do not want to use one or more of the Services or the terms below are unacceptable, you may disable the feature or Service(s). Instructions on how to disable a particular feature or Service may be found <a data-l10n-name="mozilla-disable-service-link">here</a>. Other features and Services can be disabled in the application preferences.
{ -brand-full-name } tiyo ki tic me ngec majenge ikom kakube ("Services") me poko kit mogo ma kimiyo pi tic mamegi ki kit marom man me { -brand-short-name } ite cik ma kitito pinyi. Ka ce pe imito tic ki acel onyo makato onyo cik ma pinyi pe lare, i romo juko kite ne onyo tic(ce). Yo me juko kit moni kikome onyo tic romo nonge <a data-l10n-name="mozilla-disable-service-link">kany</a>. Kit mukene kadong ticce kiromo juko ki i ma imaro me purugram.
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